#64 Brittany Leese, Beach Body Coach (Succeeding in Life with Deformities)


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So my name is Brittany and here’s my story!!
I’m 30 and I live in Michigan and I do live with my parents,I used to be embarrassed to say that because I felt in society’s eyes I should have my life together but I’m learning to care less what people would think. ⁣

I’m the only one in my family that’s born with deformities on my hands and feet so I was no stranger to the hospital, I don’t want to say that I’m disabled cause I’m not cause I can do what everybody else can do but I do it a different way. ⁣

I’m the second oldest in my family
I have an older sister(3 years apart younger sister (2 years apart)
and brother (5 years apart)
School growing up was hard for me because I was always picked on cause of my hands and feet. So the people pleaser in me thought if I did this or that they would like me more.
After high school I never went to college.
I have no kids of my own but I’m aunt to my 7 year old niece and my 5 year old nephew.
I use to live in Minnesota for 7 years and l lived in Colorado for a year then moved back to my home state.
In the past I’ve worked in the fast food industry and decided to change it up and now, I’ve been at Target for 2 years now as a guest advocate (cashier) and as much as I have stressful days at work ( but who doesn’t) they took care of me when I broke my femur last year.
And that brings me to the reason why I started working out cause when I broke my femur I had the worst mindset and became depressed then when I started feeling better and stronger my brother suggested to get a gym membership.
Then a friend reached out to me and was like hey I see what you are doing, have you ever thought about being a Beachbody coach.. so I dove into that and here I am now almost a year in January being a coach.
So Back in July I was at a Beach Body retreat and we were doing yoga and one moment I was fine and then the next I woke up on someone’s lap. I remember I wasn't feeling good and felt like throwing up but the ladies that were with me
(aside of being Beach Body coaches they were nurses, mothers, you name it) they told me that I had a seizure so they called 911 and I was sent off in an ambulance to the nearest hospital. I was there for about a good couple of days cause they did tons a test on me because this never happened to me before and wanted to know the root cause of it.
Turns out I have absent seizures so they put me on seizure medication
Fast forward to my check up; according to the doctor and my past surgeries I’ve been having these absent seizures ever since I was little.... so basically I’m a walking medical mystery!!
With everything I’ve been through I’ve always dealt with it but then one day something set me off and I had a breakdown, a breakdown so severe my parents thought they had to call an ambulance.. cause for a good couple minutes I was having a hard time breathing.
Using Facebook and Instagram was my outlet to let it out cause I felt I couldn’t talk to no one because they wouldn’t understand. I even get considered going to therapy because at my lowest time in my life I felt like a beaten dog.
So ever since that mental breakdown of
Mine I decided enough was enough I’ve been focusing on myself more; Working out and listening to podcasts and it’s a game changer for sure... no therapy yet but it’s still on the back burner.
Sorry if it’s all scrambled together and also my punctuation haha I tried to include more details in it.
But yes this is my life basically in a nutshell!

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