The Healing Properties of Bone Broth with Connor Meakin! 296


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Connor Meakin is an ultramarathon runner and founder of Bluebird Provisions. Connor’s 2014 ultramarathon season was meant to be a banner year of running. After enjoying early success, winning races and feeling amazing in the process, Connor was motivated to want more and push even harder. Things completely derailed soon after as he got blasted with the bitter truth that none of us are invincible. Injuries and other health issues threw his life completely off track starting in August 2014. A disfigured foot, a mangled endocrine system, and a severely shaken psyche left him unsure how to proceed. After trying the standard rehab approach but never getting any real answers or results, he finally gave up on the idea of running and focused his energy on fixing his body as a whole. This meant delving into a more functional medicine-based approach to rehab, investigating and treating the root cause of an issue, not the symptoms. After healing, he began Bluebird Provisions as a way to share what he’s learned with others.
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