Episode 526: July 5, 2021


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Episode 526: July 5, 2021 playlist: Low, "Days Like These" (HEY WHAT) 2021 Sub Pop Thisquietarmy x Away, "GAMMA 0000 0110" (The Singularity, Phase II) 2021 P572 O Yuki Conjugate, "Forgotten Summer II" (Artefacts EP) 2021 Kynant Gomorrha, "Trauma" (Trauma / Strain Crack and Break: Music From The Nurse With Wound List Volume Two (Germany)) 1971 BASF / 2021 Finders Keepers Pole, "Rost" (Tanzboden) 2021 Mute Finis Africae, "Hybla" (Finis Africae / La Ola Interior (Spanish Ambient and Acid Exoticism 1983-1990)) 1985 Grabaciones Accidentales / 2021 Bongo Joe Jackie Stoudemire, "Flying High" (Eccentric Disco) 2021 Numero Group Lockbox, "Henoncurve" (Spiritual Malware) 2021 Primordial Void Enhet For Fri Musik, "Idag Ar Det Bra" (Omhet and Skilsmassa) 2021 Discreet Music Benoit Pioulard, "Daisy wound" (Silencer / Anon 2) 2021 Past Inside the Present Soccer Committee, "Song to travel with the soul" (Tell from the grass) 2021 Morc Tapes Walt McClements, "Thresholds (through a hole in the fence)" (A Hole in the Fence) 2021 American Dreams Email podcast at brainwashed dot com to say who you are; what you like; what you want to hear; share pictures for the podcast of where you're from, your computer or MP3 player with or without the Brainwashed Podcast Playing; and win free music! We have no tracking information, no idea who's listening to these things so the more feedback that comes in, the more frequent podcasts will come. You will not be put on any spam list and your information will remain completely private and not farmed out to a third party. Thanks for your attention and thanks for listening.

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