S2Ep8: #COVID SPECIAL Featuring Jason Gibb, Founder of Bread & Jam, supporting 1000 Food & Bev Entrepreneurs a week with Training, Networking & Motivational Socials


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We’re going to spend the next few episodes exploring how growing Food & Bev. businesses are coping with the current crisis, the kind of help they need, and some of the resources available to help them.

In this episode we’re talking to Jason Gibb, one of the co-founders of Bread & Jam. Once an annual business festival for Food & Beverage entrepreneurs, now Bread & Jam is helping several hundred companies a week, joining them from as far away as Australia!

From evening workshops to morning socials, entrepreneurs can sign up for free and paid events that will build key skills, their industry network and their confidence.

Bread & Jam was borne from the success of Jason’s online community, The FoodHub, which is the biggest community of food & drink entrepreneurs in Europe

Jason also has his own plant-based food start-up, called Unruly Burger https://www.eatunruly.com/

Listen to Jason on why he started Bread & Jam, and how it works:

Bread & Jam

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