Andy Nairn - Go Luck Yourself


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My guest today is Andy Nairn, one of the founders of Lucky Generals; a creative company for people on a mission.

In 2020, Campaign named Andy the "Top Brand Strategist in the UK", for the 3rd time in 10 years. And Business Insider named him one of the "Top 5 Creative People in World Advertising."

Recently, Andy launched his first book called “GO LUCK YOURSELF - 40 ways to stack the odds in your brand’s favour.” And here’s the best part - ALL the royalties from this book are going to help working class kids get a lucky break into the creative industry.

I invited Andy to be a guest on my show to discuss the role luck plays in branding. I wanted to know why it’s considered taboo in business. And I was curious to get his POV on what role mindset plays on turning misfortune into good fortune.

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