Chip Walker - Activate Your Brand Purpose


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My guest today is Chip Walker, the head of strategy and a partner at StrawberryFrog. Chip is recognized for his expertise in brand creation and re-invention, and has led the charge in transforming brands such as Goldman Sachs, Lexus, Bank of America, Jim Beam, and Heineken. He is a frequent speaker at some of the branding world’s major events, including the Cannes Lions Festival, the Advertising Research Foundation, Sustainable Brands and the Conference Board. And his writing and opinions have appeared widely in places like Adweek, the New York Times, Chicago Tribune and CNBC.

I invited Chip to be a guest on my show to talk about his new book “Activate Brand Purpose” that he co-wrote with Scott Goodson. I’m excited to have Chip here today to discuss what it means to “activate” purpose and why it’s so important to the success of a brand.

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