Jane Cunningham - Are You Brandsplaining?


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My guest today is Jane Cunningham, the co-author of the highly-acclaimed book Brandsplaining: Why Marketing is (Still) Sexist and How to Fix It.

Jane is also the Co-Founder of PLH - the UK's leading market research agency specializing in female audiences. She began her career in advertising at such notable agencies at DDB and Ogilvy. As she rose through the ranks to become part of the leadership teams, Jane repeatedly noticed how female customers were perceived in ways that were - at best - inaccurate and - at worst – diminishing and dismissive.

I invited Jane to be a guest on my show to discuss why brands need to understand women’s motivations and decision-making in order truly be successful. I wanted to learn how she and her business partner Philippa, are attempting to right the wrong that’s still going on in branding today. And, I was curious to hear the story behind the name Brandsplaining.

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