Jay Busselle & Jeff Solomon - Grab a Taco and Enjoy The Show!


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My guests today are Jay Busselle and Jeff Solomon, the co-creators and hosts of Tacos with Jay&Jeff - an online show that puts the spotlight on epic marketing and branding. Because according to them, “TACOS make everything better”.

Jay lives in Phoenix and is the Director of Marketing for Equipment Zone; a Premier Reseller of Epson DTG, Die Sublimation and Solvent printers. He’s also the Founder of #promochat - a popular industry Twitter group. And he’s a highly sought-after public speaker and trainer on topics like marketing, social media and branding.

Jeff lives in LA and is a brand purpose advocate, promo consultant and publisher of FreePromoTips - a promo platform that spotlights positive things people and organizations in our industry are doing to help their clients with their branding.

I invited Jay & Jeff to be guests on my show to discuss what’s going on in the promo world these days. I wanted to get their POV on how things have changed since COVID. And I was curious to learn about their Tacos with Jay & Jeff Show and why they think it’s become such a success in such a short time.

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