Josh & Rachel Lee - Stand Out on LinkedIn


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My guests today are Josh and Rachel Lee, the Founders and co-owners of Standout Authority; a company that helps brands build human connections online.

Known as “the Dopamine Dealer of LinkedIn”, Josh spent the last 20 years building 16 businesses and is the author of the book “Balance is Bullshit”. In 2003 he started in online marketing with clients like MySpace and Google and controlled half a billion dollars in ad spend.

His beautiful wife Rachel (aka the Branding Ladyboss) has run multi-million dollar brand marketing strategies and campaigns for companies like Microsoft and Gartner. Today Rachel leads the marketing and branding strategy for Standout Authority and its clients. And her special sauce is helping brands find their unique voice and create influence in the digital space.

I invited this “dynamic duo” to be guests on my show to discuss why building human connections, is one of the most important things anyone can do in their business. I wanted to learn why B2B and B2C are taking a back seat H2H. And I was curious to learn what brands are doing differently since the pandemic to help them stand out on LinkedIn.

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