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My guest today is Scott Snyder, the Chief Executive Officer at Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii, a 31-year-old coffee franchise brand. Scott is an award winning marketing strategist and business growth consultant with a consistent track record of transforming early stage brands into category leaders. His special sauce is re-inventing legacy brands to realize new levels of success and relevance.

Prior to joining Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii, first as a consultant and then as an investor, Scott was a founding partner at Xylem Digital, an international digital marketing and strategic growth agency that facilitated the rapid growth and expansion of over 40 brands in the food and beverage space including Chipotle, Jimmy Johns, Jamba Juice, Red Robin, Noodles, Einstein Bagel Brothers, and many more.

I invited Scott to be a guest on my show to talk about the meteoric rise of the Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii brand. I wanted to learn what role branding plays in the success of a franchise brand and I was curious to hear how COVID has affected the franchise world.

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