The 3 Mistakes to Avoid for Podcast Growth | Ep. 192


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This week, we're talking about the three mistakes to avoid when growing your podcast.

I have taken a look at what the best brands in the world do when creating content, what YouTubers are doing when they are growing their shows, what Bloggers are doing when they are growing their blogs, and all content creators out there.

These are lessons that they've been implementing in their businesses and in their content that podcasters could learn from now.


  • Learn how using the wrong words is keeping you from getting discovered.
  • Understand why planned content ideas are better than random content.
  • Hear why focusing on just one channel is holding you back.


  • "This all works together as an ecosystem. The podcast is not your one marketing channel, it is your creation hub."
  • "You have to find your niche in terms of keywords and try to show up in the search for those things."


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