Episode 14 - Extinction Rebellion (feat. Heather and Elsie Luna)


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We are joined by our first mother and daughter combo, Heather and Elsie. They were both heavily involved in Extinction Rebellion before deciding to leave, and Elsie was one of the founders of XR Kids, so they join us to talk about Extinction Rebellion and Climate Activism. We also talk about the murder of Sarah Everard, the government trying to ban protests, and that Harry and Meghan interview you've already forgotten about.
You can find Heather at www.keduzi.org. She is doing a workshop on Cult Dynamics within Environmental Movements that you can sign up here: https://fb.me/e/3iTsdALlr
You can find us, and a bunch of other cool stuff relating to leftism and Christianity, here: https://msha.ke/christianleft/

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