Episode 4 - Remembrance


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Yes, episode 4 is here, despite the fact episodes 2 and 3 aren't. This is Ben's fault and you should shout at him for it.
Adam rants about remembrance, poppies and the church. Ben rants about the EHRC report into Labour. Neither of us care enough to rant about the American elections. There's not one but two Simpsons clips in the episode, so you know its going to be good.
The Politics Theory Other episode we mention is #100 Corbyn, Labour, and the EHRC report w/ Barnaby Raine.
Adam's written about this stuff before on his blog:
Reflections on Remembrance & Nationalism
The Poppy Appeal: State Militarism in Fancy Dress
Truth, Freedom of Speech, and the Poppy

Other, smarter people than us have written good stuff too:
Too Much, Too Young? A Christian Response to the UK’s Recruitment of Child Soldiers by Robin Hanford
From the classroom to the frontline – schools must be careful what they teach kids about the army by Jonathan Parry

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Our outro song is Warchild by The Cranberries, which is very depressing and therefore seemed appropriate for this week's episode.

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