John McKay - How Do We Get Better at This


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John McKay - How Do We Get Better at This - John McKay, a retired USMC COL and master of international relations comes back to discuss with Pete our international entanglements. He has been on the Break It Down Show multiple times. Pete's question, hard to ask and germane is simple. "How do we get better at this?" This answer, while complex, also reveals the nature of international work. How does one or a country, "Get better at this?" There must be complexity because we see the results of a simplistic approach. Both Pete and John would like us to get better at the day-to-day tasks. Let's see what these two have to say. Please support the Break It Down Show by doing a monthly subscription to the show All of the money you invest goes directly to supporting the show! For the of this episode head to Haiku Simplistic approach Cool when you design a home Not that good for states ​Similar episodes: Xander Bullock John Green Pete A Turner Join us in supporting Save the Brave as we battle PTSD. Executive Producer/Host: Pete A Turner Producer: Damjan Gjorgjiev Writer: Dragan Petrovski The Break It Down Show is your favorite best, new podcast, featuring 5 episodes a week with great interviews highlighting world-class guests from a wide array of shows.

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