EP102: How Cryptocurrency and Sports Cards Intersect? What we can learn from the Bitcoin bubble during our hobby explosion!


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In BreakerCulture Weekly EP102 -- I sit down with Joe (Bunch) from the RekT Podcast (COINHQ Network). I pick his brain around the similarities between Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin and the Sports Card Market. There is a LOT we can learn from the bubbles in other markets, this conversation provides yet another angle of insight.

Here are FEW things we covered in today's chat.

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  • Macro Economic View -- What are you feeling?
  • Concerns about the breakdown of the middle-class?
  • Volatility of Crypto - any parallels to other asset classes (ie sports cards)?
  • What role do you see Crypto playing in late 2020 through 2021?

Joe provides us a different perspective into the crazy 2020 in Sports Cards. Hope you enjoy!

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