EP103 | Debate Night w/CEO of Collectable - Ezra Levine - IPO's & FRACTIONAL ownership in the Sports Cards world. This is going to fun!


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In BreakerCulture Weekly EP103 -- I sit down the Ezra Levine - CEO of COLLECTABLE. You'll want to listen to this conversation as we dive into the new world of FRACTIONAL OWNERSHIP within the sports card hobby. Ezra brings a fresh perspective, great hobby experience, and one heck of a team behind him.

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Here are FEW things we covered in today's chat.

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  • The origins of Collectable.com
  • Where does Fractional ownership fit within the hobby?
  • What are goals / visions for future IPO's?
  • Perspective on the current climate of Sports Cards
  • Will the Yankees win the World Series?
  • and SOOO much more!

The Show page is HERE:

YouTube Link HERE:

Ezra provides us yet another perspective into the crazy 2020 in Sports Cards. Hope you enjoy!

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