How to Change Your Drinking with Kenneth Anderson, Executive Director HAMS


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In this episode of Breaking the Bottle Legacy you'll hear from Kenneth Anderson, CEO and founder of HAMS.

Kenneth shares his journey and the experience he had in AA that he says nearly killed him. The idea that he was powerless and alcohol was all-powerful was something that he categorically did not accept and he ended up in detox trying to imagine a different type of recovery program that empowered people to make their own decisions about alcohol. That was really the beginning of HAMS according to Anderson. After working as the online director of Moderation Management, and volunteering at Access Works in NYC, eventually Anderson left MM and started HAMS in 2007.

The HAMS Harm Reduction Network provides information and support for people who wish to reduce the harm in their lives caused by the use of alcohol or drugs. HAMS neither encourages nor condemns alcohol use or alcohol intoxication. HAMS recognizes recreational intoxication as a reality and seeks to reduce harms associated with it. HAMS believes in the autonomy of the individual and supports each individual's choice of a goal vis a vis alcohol - whether the goal is safer drinking, reduced drinking, or quitting. HAMS supports every positive change.

Anderson published his book "How to Change Your Drinking" in 2010 and has been Executive of HAMS since it's inception.

Learn about the 17 elements of HAMS, why "better is better" and constructive ideas on how to change your drinking with Kenneth Anderson. Anderson and April Smith co-edited "Better is Better" a book of success stories from HAMS which is also available for sale now on the website.


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