Fitness and FIFO with Finley Johnson | #045 Perth Fitfam Podcast


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An estimated 60,000 Western Australian's work a FIFO job and one in three of these experience mental health issues, most commonly depression. As we know exercise and fitness are proven to be a big fighter in mental health, but finding the time and routine to fit in with the long, hard and physical work hours can be a difficult thing to do.Our guest on the Perth Fitfam Podcast is Finley Johnson, a well-known CrossFit athlete in WA, who recently turned 30, has been working FIFO for three years and also has a baby on the way.Whilst working FIFO, Fin has managed to not only improve his fitness but become the fittest version of himself.A few days after the podcast recording, Fin went on to compete at Games Day 2019 and was crowned the 3rd Fittest Athlete in Perth... we hope you enjoy his story.Listen to the audio and video at:==========================iTunes – us online at:==============WEBSITE -

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