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Kevin Han from Nash Advisory, a Melbourne-based business support and corporate advisory firm told Brews News' The Antidote podcast that the has actively been advising privately owned companies including breweries and distilleries as they confront the current crisis.

“What we've found challenging over the last three weeks is that a lot of our clients are coming to us in a tough position because they've got to make some really challenging decisions around staffing, production, and what they need to do with their business,” he said.

Han said many directors, owners, managers and staff had invested time and money in their businesses and navigating the uncertainty caused by COVID-19 was an unprecedented challenge.

“What we're fielding in terms of calls from our clients is really about business fundamentals.

"Cash is king at this point, how do we manage to pay our staff? How do we manage to pay our rent? What are the best levers that we can pull to get us through what could be a couple weeks, a couple months, or potentially longer?” Han said.

You can read the full transcript of the advice here.

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