Ari Galper: Unlock The Sales Game – Part 1


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Our five-part interview with Ari Galper of Unlock The Sales Game begins.

Topics covered in this episode

  • From a Done Deal, to a Day I’ll Never Forget
  • Unlock The Game: A Whole New Approach to Sales

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Brian: Ari Galper is the world’s number one authority on trust-based selling and has been featured on CEO Magazine, Forbes, Inc Magazine, Sky News and the Australian Financial Review.

As trust becomes the most important currency in the new economy, the act of selling is a dehumanizing process with endless chasing, has been completely reinvented and anchored in the timeless values of integrity, and trust, through trust based selling.

In his best selling book, Unlocked The Sales Game, Ari describes his revolutionary sales approach based on getting to the truth, and why having a mindset of focusing on deep trust, instead of the sale is ironically, 10 times more profitable.

I’m happy to introduce Ari Galper, the world’s number one authority on trust based selling.

How’s it going Ari?

Ari: Very good, Brian. Thanks for having me. I appreciate it.

Brian: Yeah, Welcome to Brian J. Pombo Live.

Let’s just start out, just tell us a little bit more about you and where you come from.

Ari: Sure. So I’m from the US, originally from California. I live in Sydney, Australia right now been here for 20 years actually.

Meet my wife on a dating site 20 years ago. She’s from Sydney, met her in Los Angeles, actually met on a dating site back this is pre swiping days. It’s just photo and text and email. And then we started dating and came back to Sydney to visit her family got engaged there and then married and we’ve been here for 20 years now ever since.

Brian: Oh, fabulous.

How did you get into trust-based selling?

What’s your background there?

Ari: Prior to all that, I used to be a sales manager at a software company, we launched the first online website data collection tools, like website behavior. It’s called Google Analytics now, where you track the stats on website.

Back then we were the first one to come out with something like that, fast growing business internet was kind of taken off. I had 18 people underneath me, sales reps and the large opportunities came across my desk, I was kind of the first one to get those.

There’s one leak came across my desk and I call the contact back, you’d recognize them, it was a big company, lots of websites.

I call them, nice guy and he agreed to a demo and a conference call to see our product.

This was such a big opportunity, Brian, that if I close the sale, it would double the revenue of the company in one sale. That’s how big it was. So really excited. Everyone’s excited.

So they finally came Friday afternoon, four o’clock, never forget it. I was in a conference room with my CEO and the door was closed behind me.

We had one of those long conference tables in front of us in the conference room. And on the table was a speakerphone, the old school ones, you know, the corporate one. It looked like a spaceship.

Brian: I remember them yup.

Ari: Star Trek ones.

I hit the dial-tone, dialed the number my contact picks up is like hey, Ari, hey, how’s it going? Good.

And he says to me, Ari, let us tell you who else was on the line today.

I was like, oh, great.

Next thing I hear is, my name is John, I’m CEO.

I like wow, CEO of a whole company, that’s incredible.

My name is Mike, I’m head of IT.

Oh, this is good.

My name is Julia, I’m head of Global Marketing.

This is even better.

I mean, everybody on this call was basically a decision maker, you know, this is the goal but helping as often as possible. So always good there.

And I begin to introduce myself kind of describe what we do. Let me give him a live web demo over the web of their website, we collect it ahead of time and show him stats of what it looks like to see the live data.

I start showing this to them and going through it and I started hearing noise on the phone call like, wow, this is great. This is amazing. This is incredible. This is great.

They are asking me all kinds of questions.

You know, how do we use it?

How do we install it?

How’s it work?

How can we leverage it?

They are asking me all the right kinds of questions and I’m answering everything back as I should. There was so much chemistry on this phone call Brian, it was like a love fest on the phone.

You know what I’m talking about?

Brian: Yeah.

Ari: Like, it’s just so right, there’s no friction, everyone was there, I was in my element.

I had the CDs in my car, how to sell, I had the guru seminars, you know, I had the books, how to do everything. And I was doing what I supposed to do to build rapport, you know, answer objections.

I was doing everything in the books, you know, and it was awesome.

My boss comes over and gives me like a bit of a high five and my shoulders like you know, nice job. He’s on his phone, confident in the car he wants to get, the wheel color and all that because like this is such a done deal. It’s incredible.

The hour goes by, and my contact says to me, Ari already This is great, we love it. Look, give us a call a couple of weeks, follow up with us and we’ll move this thing forward.

I was like, thank you guy, you know, this is amazing.

I took my arm and I reach for the phone in the middle of the table. As I’m reaching for the phone. I’m reaching for that off button. As I reach for the off button, by complete accident, now I say by divine intervention. My thumb hit the mute button, instead of the off button.

They were kind of like right next to each other. And I clicked it by accident, and a small click happened, and they thought I hung up the phone.

That split second of voice inside of me said, Ari go to the dark side, be flying the wall you got nothing to lose, listening to for a couple seconds, go or no one’s ever gone before in the world of sales, you know?

So I was like, All right. So I listened in, they started talking amongst themselves like now I left the call.

So what would you imagine they would have hit on that call, not a trick question mode to imagine after a call like that you probably hear people like that?

Brian: You would think that it would sound just like it sounded in person while they were talking with you.

Ari: That’s what you expect, right?

But let me share with you that what I heard verbatim word for word. It’s why we’re all here today.

What they said was this, they said, we’re not going to go with him, keep using him for more information and make sure we shop someplace else cheaper.

Knife in the heart twist, I was in a state of shock. I couldn’t believe it.

I snapped out of it hit the off button.

With the wall in front of me, I said to myself, what did I do wrong?

I was competent. I was friendly. I wasn’t aggressive. I answered the questions. I met their needs.

I did every single thing in the sales playbook I was supposed to do that everyone teaches up until this day.

I had an epiphany, I realized that somewhere along the way, it has become socially acceptable, not to tell the truth to people who sell, right.

Brian: Yeah.

Ari: It’s okay to say things like sounds good.

Oh, send me information.

Oh, we’re definitely what, we’re definitely…interested, without having any intention of buying at all right?

Then I asked myself, why were they afraid to tell me the truth, why would they play this game with me?

And I realized that there is an invisible river of sort of pressure that flows underneath every conversation you have somebody pre-sale.

Now they can’t see it, and you can’t see it, but it’s there. And if you aren’t consciously aware of it, and are removing it from your process all the time, what will happen is, they’ll feel comfortable putting their guard up, not telling you the truth, giving you breadcrumbs, hoping you you get excited, and forcing you to chase them without any intention of buying.

It always lead to a very dehumanizing unethical process where you pretty much feel like you’re at the bottom of the barrel, and you’re like, you’re chasing ghosts.

And you’re like, how do I get here?

That’s what I realized, I’m going to come up with my brand new approach, a whole new way of doing this that breaks that pattern.

That’s why I created my, Unlock The Game Trust-Based Selling Mindset Approach.

Where the whole concept as a real shift is not to focus anymore on the end goal of your sale. But the goal instead is to focus 110% only on trust building with them to build this bubble of vulnerability where they feel comfortable opening up to you, and telling you the truth of where you stand.

So you’re no longer guessing and chasing these ghosts in putting yourself in a position that lowers your humanity. And that became my whole unlock the game Revolution 20 years ago, which is picking up a lot of speed right now in this economy.

People are really tired of all those games. That’s pretty much where it all came from.

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