Ari Galper: Unlock The Sales Game – Part 4


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Part 4, of our five-part interview with Ari Galper of Unlock The Sales Game.

Topics covered in this episode

  • Trusted Advisor vs. Trusted Authority
  • Fall Out of Love with Your Solution & Fall In Love With Their Problems
  • Ari’s Upcoming Project (Book/Show): The One Call Sale

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Brain: We can go on and on Ari, I saw a clip of one of your videos, you had said that there’s a difference between being a trusted adviser and trusted authority.

Can you touch on that a little bit?

Ari: Sure.

So the whole notion of trust advisor been along around for a long time and most people will classify themselves as a trusted adviser, not as salesperson.

They are the trusted advisor.

Oh yeah, I’m just like, you’re a trusted advisor to those clients who already know you.

Sure, post sale.

But you’re not a trusted advisor, someone who doesn’t know you, presale.

That’s a different way of thinking.

We have to become what I call a trusted authority, which we teach to professionals how to do consultants and advisors. That’s a different way of thinking.

You have to be positioned yourself as an authority, you have to use a trust based process to engage them and enroll them because they don’t really get to know you until after the sale.

And what I teach my clients to do is…this may sound crazy right now and it’s a bit of a bomb, but we teach our clients to stop building relationships pre-sale.

That’s the worst thing you can do.

Because relationships and trust building can now become mutually exclusive.

You can build trust with someone in a deep way. Without doing the whole fake rapport thing.

Oh, hi, how’s it going?

How’s the weather?

It’s, oh, that’s great, where are you from really.

All that is 1980s fake rapport that we’re taught to do. And you know, what the other person knows is not real anyways, they don’t want to become your friend.

But here we are trying to like get to know them better have a cup of coffee, go golfing, go network, and then hopefully one day, if they like us enough, well, then they’ll buy from us.

Well, if you want to wait a long time for that, then feel free. But I’ll tell you right now, that’s just a game everyone knows.

And we have a process and a system here we’re talking about the removes all that BS relationship building, which is fake anyways, save the real stuff when they’re a client of yours.

But instead, focus strictly only on trust building.

There’s a metaphor we use around here, you know, you become the doctor, they’re the patient.

Doctors don’t become your friend, doctors, I got a new bumper sticker coming out for the back of your car, you know, the bumper is just gonna say that doctors don’t do coffee. Doctors don’t do LinkedIn. Doctors don’t do networking.

Doctors have a system and a process to diagnose and solve a problem and get paid for it before it’s even solved, which is genius.

I’ve taken that concept applied it here. And this is a radical shift.

Let me tell you right now, if you’ve spent your whole career in the old way, this won’t be easy for you. Because you’ve been brainwashed the old way of doing anything, you got to be deprogrammed out of that.

And you got to be open minded to upskill yourself to the modern age.

Otherwise, we’re gonna be going through a lot of pain chasing ghosts, playing the numbers game, and wondering why you’re not very successful, or hitting your potential.

If you don’t align yourself with how the market is now, which is wanting someone they can trust. Not here’s the funny thing about this, too, is that the world’s become so commoditized that your potential clients can’t determine and discern whether your solution is best for them.

They’re not qualified, they’re not living in your world.

See, all they really ask themselves the entire time is not is this solution, right, for me?

He’s asking the entire time, do I trust him, do I trust him, do I trust him?

They don’t really care about how you solve their problem.

Does a patient really care about what chemicals go into medicine that solves their problem, they don’t care. They’re like, okay, whatever you say, Doc.

And here we are all here’s what we do. We brought these services, they don’t care about your solution. I tell my clients fall out of love with your solution, and fall in love with their problems.

Brian: So good, fall in love with their problems. That’s awesome.

There’s been so much here, and I’ve heard you, I’ve heard you speak before. I’ve heard other interviews with you already. And I got a lot out of it just today, just being able to sit here again with you.

And then my mind’s already going in a bunch of different directions.

Is there anything I haven’t asked you that you’d like to answer?

Ari: Well, I will mention I’m working on a new book right now, and a new Internet TV show.

And the book shows them they called, The One Call Sale.

And I have invented a way to compress a sale cycle to one conversation. I don’t mean cold calling, I mean, a scheduled call with somebody assuming they’re qualified.

If you follow my system, you should be able to have a 100% conversion rate.

Brian: Excellent.

Ari: Every single person you speak with, if you follow this model. That I do have now and I teach it’s going to go in my new book, which should just be a bomb and the whole industry.

You should be able to convert them into a yes or no at the end of the call, without pressure, without chasing, without pitching, without awkwardness, through a deep trust process where they feel comfortable enough telling you the truth where they stand.

And maybe we can do that on another interview if you want when that comes out.

Brian: Yeah, absolutely, love to have you back on and talk about that. That’s fabulous.

And you said there’s a show that’s gonna go along with it?

Ari: Yeah, I’m working on a new show right now called, The One Call Sale, with Ari Galper.

And it’s going to be me doing consultations with potential clients who apply to be on the show, and I literally do sales therapy with them, right. Kind of unpack and unravel all their ghosts in their mind to help in transition to the new way of thinking.

And that’ll be as part of the segment of the show. You can watch on YouTube weekly.

And then there’s gonna be some stuff in there it’s gonna blow your mind.

Brian: Wow, can’t wait. It’s really cool stuff already.

How can people find out more about you and, Unlocking The Game?

Ari: Best place to go is like it sounds

As intro course they’re, putting yourself out there all the time.

Probably if you’re serious about putting this up to get a result. Reach out to us for a free consultation that we have on the website in the corner there.

Don’t be afraid you won’t be hearing a sales pitch from us. Don’t worry about that.

You’re going actually going to have to ask us if you want more. We preach what we teach. So experience what it’s like to talk to someone who you can get help from without being sold, see what that feels like.

Brian: That’s great.

There’s so many different levels here and I’d love to have you back on to dig into it some more. Ari Galper, thanks so much for being on Brian J. Pombo Live.

Ari: You’re welcome. Thanks, Brian.

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