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How the heck does Hunger Games fit into being a movie about business?

Welp, Brian does his darnedest to tell you in today’s vid. Good luck B!


Business Movies: The Hunger Games Series.

Hi I’m Brian Pombo, welcome back to Brian J. Pombo Live.

Today we’re going to be talking about the Hunger Games. Now, how do you have the Hunger Games as business movies?

How could you possibly look at them as being business movies?

I’ll get into that in a second.

First, I want to apologize, I do have a white tank top on right now because I got home, I got comfortable. I had clothing that was appropriate to wear for our nightly video, and my youngest proceeded to urinate on it.

So that just comes with having young kids and of course, I’ve got boxes off to the side. This is just pure professionalism tonight, so I’m hoping you’re enjoying yourself.

Let’s talk about The Hunger Games.

I’m not sure if you’ve seen these movies yet or not give you just an I’m not gonna know spoilers, give you an idea. These are dystopian movies, they are based in the distant future, in a situation where people are basically being held down by a horrible government that runs everything, keeps everybody into 12 separate districts has a regular annual thinning of the herd, if you will.

Where they team up and have kind of a lottery that picks one young person from each district and has a battle to the death in a sort of Olympics, shall we say?

Roman Colosseum type situation, very brutal, all filmed all put outlive in a very reality TV type, you know, survivor type idea.

And it’s very clever on its basis. These were a series of books, these were three books that got put into four movies, and the concepts are interesting.

The political ramifications get really interesting, especially toward the end of the series. But I went back with my wife and rewatch these and I saw a whole nother level that for some reason, for the most part, escaped me the first time watching it.

These movies are not as much about a dystopian future as they are very much about marketing and communication. And you can learn so much about how to communicate and market better with your audience based on these movies.

Now, starting at the very first movie, I’m just going to give you the basis is the main character gets pulled into the situation to where she is one of the contenders.

Throughout the whole thing, she is finding ways to be able to win the audience to her and also be able to play those who were designing the game against itself and trying to pull the whole thing down on itself, while also coming off in a way that’s different than would naturally be seen.

She’s trying to project a very clear image. It’s the same thing that everybody does with their business or should be doing with their business.

If you own a business, the whole idea is that you’re trying to project a certain image out there, you’re trying to get a certain idea of what you are and what you’re not. And hopefully being able to get out the what you are trying to be known, white and trusted.

This is the process that Katniss Everdeen, the main character goes through in the first movie, and it compounds with each additional movie, it isn’t just this subtle little undertone, it might be a little bit in the very first movie, by the third and fourth movie, it is the storyline to where there are characters introduced that are discussing this process of what’s happening and how this person needs to get this effect.

And that person needs to get that effect to for them to be able to get their political ends. By the end of the movie. You have other political sides attempting to take over and them trying to retain the support of the public.

Very, very, very interesting and worth rewatching if you’ve never watched it before. If you watch it for the first time, don’t just watch it for the deep dark undertones.

And I’ll give you a bit of a little bit of a critique as far as the how I said, the first movie, I thought as a movie was okay. But it has very shaky camera work, and works in and works very hard to make you feel uncomfortable and uneasy into nearly the entire movie.

If you can get past that, the director that ends up taking over at the second movie, and from that point forward, I think does a better job of containing some of that to just the scenes where it’s necessary, and not making the entire movie make you feel uneasy with the shaky camera and all that stuff.

So I really do think the series gets better with each additional movie.

Also saying that some of these movies are pretty long, and could have been cut back tremendously. Especially I personally believe the last movie could have been cut back a whole lot more. And still retained exactly the same message and made it stronger.

Honestly, very good acting especially toward the end, I think the second director did a better job at handling the actors and giving them the proper direction or at least choosing the right stuff to be able to show in the final edit of the film.

Overall, very much worth seeing these movies are you got to get past all of all that crazy stuff. You’re dealing with a lot of teenage angst and all this other stuff going on in between if you can get past all that.

So very interesting message very much a story of humanity and how to go about commuting thing, communicating a message to mass audiences, whether that be on a political level, or on a business level.

It’s all in there and I’d love to hear what you think I am definitely going to make a more in-depth critique of specific scenes and what they mean and how that plays back in your business.

We’ll be doing that later, probably be adding it to one of the subscriptions that we’re going to be offering at a later date.

So keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, right now if you want to know some ways to be able to really make a difference in your business.

Go check out my book, 9 Ways to Amazon-Proof Your Business. That’s to make it basically so impenetrable, that or a large behemoth like that can’t even stop you, 9 Ways to Amazon-Proof Your Business.

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We’ll be back tomorrow. In the meantime, get out there and let the magic happen.

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