Qualities Business Investors Look For: No. 2 🕵️ (Systemized Attention)


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Part 2 in a series of videos on what what Brian looks for in companies.


Qualities business investors look for part two.

Hi I’m Brian Pombo, welcome back to Brian J Pombo Live.

I am going through this process of developing a list and this list is what the top things that business investors look for when they’re looking for businesses to invest in, invest their time in, invest their experience in, and possibly even investing capital and so forth.

I came up with this list and this is the second thing on this list.

Now, these aren’t in any particular order and you can go back and watch number one. Listen to number one from yesterday.

But this second thing is definitely one of the top ones.

The second thing is what I call systemized attention.

I’m going to go through what systemized attention is in just a moment.

First, I want to remind you about my book, 9 Ways to Amazon-Proof Your Business. If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, get it now, it is currently if you’re watching this within a recent time at a good price going on amazon.com you go check that out, see if it’s still there.

You can also get it absolutely free on my website, AmazonProofBook.com. AmazonProofBook.com and get your own free digital copy of it. You can also get an audiobook version that’s going to be coming out in the next few weeks.

Let’s talk about systemized attention and why your business, if you don’t have it, you should have it and if you do have it, you will make yourself much more attractive to business investors like myself.

So what how I refer to systemized attention is, are you getting attention on a regular basis, on a consistent basis that has a system developed around it?

Let me give you an example. Real simple example.

What you’re watching listening to right now, Brian J. Pombo Live is a daily podcast that gets sent out via video and audio. So you may be watching it, you may be listening to it. But it gets sent out over the world wide web, both via audio podcast, and video, we upload it to YouTube and LinkedIn.

All the different social media is out there, you may be watching on Instagram, and it gets put out there on Rumble, we’re out there on a whole bunch of different platforms.

So it’s consistent, it’s out on a daily basis, we have a systematic way of doing it. It goes out constantly and in all these different areas.

If I want to promote something, I promote it here. Lately, I’ve been promoting my book on a daily basis, but I can promote anything, I can promote other people, other projects I have. And it’s built into my business, it’s built into BrianJPombo.com which is it’s really handy to have this is just one piece of my attention system that I have built up but it’s a useful piece.

Most businesses don’t have any attention system whatsoever. They have no way of standing out on a consistent basis, let alone a way that systemized that they know this is what we’re doing today, this week, this month, through into the next year.

We know what we’re doing as far as that goes. A lot of businesses the largest businesses have some form, but do you have a full attention system?

Do you have systemized attention built into your business plan?

If you don’t, I recommend you get it. Find a way of doing it one way of doing it, go check out my book, it talks all about this process of systemizing attention the whole book is all about standing out and making yourself so different.

That competition can’t stop you, amazon.com itself can’t stop you, or even slow you down if you do it right.

If you keep your focus in the right areas, that nothing can slow you down. And so when I’m looking for businesses, if I really look for ideal businesses to be able to work with, I’m looking for someone that already has systemized attention or has the potential for it.

They may already have attention-getting devices that they’ve used in the past but they haven’t systemized it.

So that’s a big piece of what I look for. It’s an exciting field and nowadays, a lot of us refer to it as content marketing. If you can look at it as marketing that you’re pushing both entertaining, and informational content out there to a particular audience to your ideal customer, right, or to your current customer or past customers.

If you have that form of marketing system in place, that’s going to be a big difference to keeping your business alive, to keep it growing to have this growing crowd that follows you on a regular basis. So that is number two on our list.

Tomorrow, we’re going to go through number three, in the type of things that business investors look for. So check it out, then come on back, subscribe, follow whatever you want, so that you can get the whole list.

In the future I’ll have a book all about it so you can get a copy of that too when we get around to that. But exciting times right now, I’d love to find out what you think about the first two ideas, leave a comment wherever you’re watching or listening to this, or go to BrianJPombo.com. We’ll be back here tomorrow night. In the meantime, get out there and let the magic happen.

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