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Joel Benjamin in conversaton with the Californian Haitian freestyle rapping phenomenon who went viral wnen he performed his funk rap style that included different voices and narratives of which he would weave in and out, in addition to ad-libs and falsetto-delivered sound effects. His music caught the attention of Rihanna, Chrissy Teigen and Swae Lee among others.
He touches on topics such as gang culture, his 6 month old child who also makes a brief cameo appearance.
Haiti Babii is a go-getter in every aspect of the word. Aside from his double workouts in one day and playing the father figure to his newborn, the remaining hours are spent in the studio perfecting his craft. With his Instagram name reading “Trap Art,” the Guyanese and Haitian rapper, producer, and songwriter embodies the definition of someone who’s in their own lane, carving their own unique sound and style in today’s generation of music.

When it comes to his work ethic, he sets the bar. He states, “You may have better music than me, you may look better than me, you may be taller than me, but I’ll die before I let you outwork me. That's my mindset.”

You may have seen Haiti’s name from his viral moment freestyle on Real 92.3 (which caught the attention of Chrissy Tiegen), or maybe from his breakout single “Change Ya Life.” Either way, Haiti is proud to put Stockton, California on the map, serving as one of the first known artists to come out of his city. Beyond that, he’s followed by the likes of Rihanna and Meek Mill.

Flaunt caught up with Haiti via FaceTime, who was located in Las Vegas preparing for his lady’s birthday. He jokes, “I’m a ladies man.” Read below as we discuss fatherhood, inspo behind “Red Lights,” moving to Los Angeles, learning how to produce, a day in the life, studio essentials, going Gold, Rihanna and Meek Mill cosigns, his new album Trap Art, and more!

Although he was raised in Stockton, Haiti Babii was born in Oakland and has strong ties to the Bay Area. He got into rap music through his mother, who was into the hyphy sound of his birthplace, and dedicated himself to the artform after he finished high school. He developed a unique mike approach, using his voice not only for rhymes and ad-libs but also for rhythmic elements, sound effects, and secondary vocal interjections, and was eventually able to self-produce and mix tracks on equipment, completely self-taught. In 2018, he made his commercial debut, broke through with the Unseen Asylum collaboration "Change Ya Life," and toward the end of the year issued the nine-track Welcome 2 da 9 with support from Bay Area platform Thizzler on the Roof. The next year, just after Haiti released his second nine-track mixtape, Warrior, his unconventional freestyle on Los Angeles' KRRL (Real 92.3) went viral, and he earned the admiration of Rihanna. Singles such as "King of the North" and "Thug Thizzle" arrived in 2020.


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