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Laura Alexandra interviews the phenomenal and talented singer Kyra.
Kyra is an exceptionally talented singer and songwriter from West London. She is known in the capital for her soulful voice, bubbly character and captivating live performances.
Influenced by music greats such as Randy Crawford and inspired by the 80’s vibes of Kraftwerk and the Eurythmics, Kyra’s distinguished voice is blend of heartwarming soul with a modern exciting twist creating a sound of “ElectroSoul”. Since starting out at the age of age of 16, Kyra has rapidly evolved into being one of the UK’s hottest singing sensations. She first showcased her amazing voice in 2006 on the sultry RNB ballad “Tick Tock”, which was soon declared song of the week on Kiss FM and continued to be played on Radio 1Xtra and Capital Xtra.
Fresh from the release of her ethereal single “Cali Dreamin”, emerging songstress Kyra unveils her highly anticipated EP release, ‘Xanadu’ alongside lead single “Higher Ground”.Following other teaser singles such as “Stampede” and “Cause & Cure”, the project is a welcome offering from the unique creative, who will go on to be highlighted on BBCR 1Xtra, featuring in Jamz Supernova’s EP Top 5 later this month. In turn, reflecting the current climate and rooting itself in the angst of a millennial and alien world, the single looks at an exploration of self, whilst searching for meaning as your personal divine calls on. “Over the years I’ve really found my higher power in my strength as a woman. I call it divine feminity,” Kyra states. “Just like the ancient muses, I walk with a tribe - a sisterhood that ground me, but also keep me connected to the universe spiritually. “I do believe there is something special about this song becuase I can barely remember writing it, I was simply a vessel! The studio session with Youngr was so fluid - the song landed with us from a higher power. I think we both knew in the moment that we’d made something magical. I need to credit God because I didn’t write this alone. It was magic.” Continuing, Kyra shares: “There is honestly about four sounds on the record and the vocals are the first takes I ever did. I love how we didn’t follow any rules.”Complete with spoken word and “crazy synths”, the title track features spoken word segments from English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s “Kubla Khan, Or, A Vision in a Dream: A Fragment”, which describes the serene and idyllic real life province Xanadu.

“I don’t think it was an accident I was introduced to ‘Xanadu’ so early. It was a film way before my time, but somehow really imprinted my world view. I’ve always been a dreamer and this whole EP has allowed me to indulge in that fantasy in real life. I literally walk around this planet believing I’m a muse here to accomplish a mission of inspiration and to reach my highest potential”

Recalling the first time she heard the poem at just five years old, Kyra’s love for the literature would go on to heavily influence her project release, with the film’s dream like and unorthodox qualities drawing her in – particularly the presence of women as muses coming to Earth as vessels to inspire a change in humanity striking a chord.

“In this current climate, being a woman of colour, raising a Black son with a Black partner, it definitely feels more poignant than ever.”

Seamlessly intertwining conceptual fantasy from the Greek Mythology based movi

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