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You’ve probably heard of Shondaland's Netflix series Bridgerton, right? Grab a seat. Or grab some headphones and promenade in the gardens. We’re going behind-the-scenes.

Host Gabrielle Collins and guest hosts Jess Brownell, Dr. Hannah Greig and Annabelle Hood are taking you inside the world of Bridgerton, the effervescent fantasy of fashion, formalities and passion all set to a soundtrack like no other.

But the fantasy isn’t all glitter and chandeliers. Plenty of elbow grease went into all that glam. And since we'll hear from so many exciting guests in the coming weeks, the hosts got together to map out what you can look forward to on the show. We’re getting into it. But first, in this mini episode, meet your guides.

Gabrielle Collins is a podcast producer and Shondaland aficionada.

Jess Brownell is a longtime Shondaland writer whose credits include Scandal & Bridgerton, of course. She will take us inside the Bridgerton writer’s room.

Dr. Hannah Greig is an historian with expertise in the 18th and 19th century. Needless to say, her etiquette game is on-point and she will help reveal Regency era clues woven into Bridgerton.

Annabelle Hood will give you a front-row seat on Bridgerton’s sets and locations. She thinks of herself as the true Whistledown of the show.

Fall in love with Bridgerton all over again, with new episodes every Thursday featuring interviews with Chris Van Dusen and the cast of creatives who brought the series to life!

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