Ep 63 : Singapore FinTech Festival 2020 RECAP - Day Three : Impact Summit | SFF x SWITCH


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We are delighted to bring you a 5 part podcast series where you will hear from experts as they share their insights & takeaways from the 2020 SFF X SWITCH Singapore FinTech Festival just days after each summit.

In this series members of our Financial & FinTech Committee will cover key areas such as:

  • Micro & Macro Economic Trends,
  • Green & Sustainable Finance,
  • Digital Infrastructure,
  • Investor Strategies,
  • Entrepreneurial Journeys and more.

In this episode, hear from:
STEWART BELL, Executive Director for Financial Markets at Standard Chartered Bank &
SAM BARRIE, Chartered Financial Planner at The Fry Group as they discuss key takeaways from the Impact Summit.

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