127-Mom-The Grinning Dwarf


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The party picks up the pace as it delves further in the mines of madness and I feel like they’re starting to get a little cocky. I’m sure they’ll be fine.

Show Notes
0:00:00-The party finds an iron hammer in a hallway
0:10:00-And farther down they see a doorway with a dwarven face
0:17:45-The party finds a shaft they can walk across…they hear someone that needs help. They are not helpful.
0:20:30-At a circular room with a large bright gem…is this what they are looking for??
0:27:00-Into a hallway connected to the room…they see a backpack and a mineshaft going up.
0:45:30-They check out the center of the circular room for no good reason
0:52:00-A grinning dwarf statue awaits them at the top of some stairs
1:06:00-The first time they try to just open a door without checking anything it does not go well
1:12:00-Is that some clucking sounds?

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