Ep. 72: "Les Misérables," 2012


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The Broadway Babies are back to the dirty streets of the Paris slums, in our second take on the classic, iconic, epic musical "Les Misérables." This week, we're hot-taking the 2012 movie musical, featuring plenty of Hollywood's biggest stars, out in the darkness. So let's hear the people sing the songs of angry men — in close-up and with mostly improper vocal technique!

Also, bonus surprise: Later this week, we'll also be posting on our Facebook page our video recording of this episode, which will be shown during a fundraising livestream by the Gaslight Theatre in Enid, Oklahoma!

Where to watch: Netflix

Music by Claude-Michel Schönberg and original lyrics by Alain Boublil, English version by Herbert Kretzmer

Show Notes

  • Behind the scenes of the movie filming, including the set design, the costuming and filming, where you see there were other cameras used in scenes besides close-ups...

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