Joe & Nadia Pesavento S3 EP10 Screenplay Writer, Cinema Theaters


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Falling in love with each other through the same passion. Listen to Joe and Nadia as they tell us their experience of film school, the social advantage of the film community, the strong support system of creatives, and crazy film set stories. We also give insight to the film industry as it is all four of our professions. If you want to see more of our content visit our website at We post about our past film projects, biweekly film articles, and original projects. Feel free to contact us at for any questions or video ideas. ▸▸▸Check out some of our other videos! ►Susan, Empresaria de Alsanny y Rescatando a un perrito (NEW PODCAST IN SPANISH) ►Joey S3 EP8 Losing Weight, Loving Yourself, Talking Real ►Shota Takei S3 EP7 Financials, Parasite, Film Rigs ►C.VISIONARY S3 EP6 Sketches, Drunk Anime Videos, Perfect Boyfriend series, Twitch Social Media: Instagram:

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