Joey S3 EP8 Losing Weight, Loving Yourself, Talking Real


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Welcome to Season 3: Episode 8 of Broccoli Soup Cafe. In this podcast, JoeySnaxx, gives us the harsh truth about the self. We talk about his incredible weight loss and the mentally it required for such an important and healthy change. Join us as we laugh and challenge each other's honesty to ourselves. #Healthy #Fitness #Weight Loss #Honesty #Food #Fruits #Self #Discipline


This Podcast Episode was filmed on March 7th.

At this time the Corona virus was not yet deemed a world Pandemic.

With heavy hearts we send our condolences to those who have lost their

family members, friends, coworkers and many more due to this virus.

We also send our prayers to those who are in critical condition right now

and those that are helping on the frontlines.

The world is changing rapidly and everyone is trying to catch up and

adjust to the new way of life that this pandemic has produced.

For our viewers and for anyone listening, we feel you, we hear you

and please know the current ideas/thoughts discussed here by

Our guest and our host were based on assumptions at its current state back in March 7th.

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