Mauricio Arévalo Arbeláez - 7th Episode BROCCOLI SOUP CAFE


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Hello Everyone and welcome back! Today we have the 7th episode of Broccoli Soup Cafe!! Mauricio Arévalo Arbeláez is a Published Colombian Writer, Professor and one of my first family members to be in our podcast! Talking about issues of Colombian History, the power of choosing, and his writing process on his famous book “Alguna Vez Jugaste a las Escondidas?” and some of his work on “Instinto de Supervivencia”. We’ve also been checking out our Analytics and are happy to say you guys have been taking the time to listen to the conversations on Spotify, Anchor, iTunes Podcast and Youtube and we are so happy for the positive outcomes to this project! We hope you guys keep liking it and comment down below to keep the conversation going. We at LEVEL NINE PRODUCTIONS are very excited for you to be part of our 7th episode! Best,?Level Nine Productions PODCAST UPLOAD EVERY SATURDAY! We are on Spotify, Soundcloud, Anchor, Google Podcast, Stitcher, Breaker and many more! Check us out!

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