Macho Man Randy Savage - Be A Man


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This week Steve and Remfry get ready to rumble as they once again search for the worst album of all time. This week Broken Records steps into the squared circle to grapple with the debut album from Macho Man Randy Savage, 2003’s Be A Man.

Back in the glory days of professional wrestling The Macho Man was one of the most recognisable faces and voices in a game filled with huge and iconic characters. But by 2004 it had been a while since we had heard anything from him, save for a cameo… sorry, feature appearance, in 2002’s Spiderman movie. What had the Macho Man been up to you ask? Was he getting ready to make his return to the ring? Gearing up for Wrestlemania? About to drop a flying elbow on The Rock or Triple H? Not quite, instead he was recording his only solo album, a record that took his apparent love of Eminem and Run DMC and mixed it with his, ahem, unique vocal approach and lyrics about fighting, putting your hands in the air, being a tender lover, the fact that he was back (he’s definitely back alright guys!) and dissing his (im)mortal real life enemy Hulk Hogan. The result, and we cannot stress this enough, is genuinely HILARIOUS! Where it ranks on our list…? Well, listen to find out, but ultimately it doesn’t matter, Be A Man should just be enjoyed for the Macho Madness it delivers. OOOHHH YEEEEAAAHHHH!!!!

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