The Roulette Tapes: The Roulette Tapes


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A 40-year retrospective on the work of composer and multi-instrumentalist Ned Rothenberg with 8 excerpts featuring the artist on bass clarinet, alto sax, and shakuhachi in compositions and improvisations alongside musicians including: Fred Frith, Hans Reichel (guitars, daxophone); Evan Parker (sax), Jennifer Choi/Olivia De Prato/Stephanie Griffin/Alex Waterman (string quartet); Yumiko Tanaka (Shamisen); Min Xiao-Fen (Pipa), Vortex (percussionist Satoshi Takeishi, pianist Shoko Nagai; Riley Lee, Ralph Samuelson (shakuhachi); and the Paul Dresher Ensemble (Joel Davel, conductor; Woramon Jamjod, engineer). Rothenberg does a stellar job of weaving the history together in stories and observations.

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