493 ode to Galileo


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This week we cover a lot. We start with two Navy Lark episodes and they won't dissapoint. The first asks what sub lt Philips is doing selling sweets from a Portsmouth tabaconist aboard Troutbridge and stealing the chief's customers. The second deals with what happens when a supposed land mine is found in Portsmouth Harbour. Then we get to the meat of the episode. Our cosmic quest deals with gGalileo and is titled Seeing Is Believing. Because of that I thought it'd be fun to look at Galileo by Berthold Brecht. So we'll listen to The Life Of Galileo. Enjoy. Three hours and thirty minutes. Hey it's a good oone. On behalf of Maria and myself please have a happy Thanksgiving and if you're in a part of the world where turkeys lives are pardoned then hhave some covid snacks. Email us at brunchwiththebrits@gmail.com aand most of all enjoy the pod.

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