Eight Worldly Concerns - The Buddha Dharma Series


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We all have concerns and this is just part of being human. But there are eight concerns that bring us unnecessary suffering because we become attached to them or are adverse to them. The ones we call desirable are gain, status, praise and pleasure. The four we call undesirables being loss, insignificance, blame and pain. It doesn’t matter if we see them as desirable or undesirable, they are all ultimately causes of our suffering. My latest book 'Open Awareness, Open Mind' is available now on Amazon and Kindle - amzn.to/35uboLq If you have any questions for Yeshe about this podcast, Buddhism, meditation or mindfulness you can contact him on the Facebook page below: www.facebook.com/thebuddhismguide If you would like to support future episodes please visit www.patreon.com/buddhismguide Follow Buddhism Guide: Website - www.buddhismguide.org Facebook - www.facebook.com/thebuddhismguide/ Instagram – www.instagram.com/buddhism_guide/ Twitter – www.twitter.com/BuddhismGuide

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