555: Landon Stewart & Chris Stapleton | $850kMonth with Facebook Groups


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In the networking space, social media and relationships are key, and today’s guests are the experts of utilizing it and helping others do the same. Landon Stewart and Chris Stapleton are the Co-Founders of Clients & Community, a company that helps people all over the world build and maintain client acquiring Facebook groups. They’ve built themselves up from consulting 7-figure brands and now have branched out to their own Facebook group boasting a $4M run rate.

Let’s really lean in here and learn practical strategies around how you can generate $850K a month with Facebook Groups.

Things you will learn in this episode:

[00:01 - 07:50] Opening Segment

  • Sponsored ad
  • I introduce today’s guest Landon Stewart and Chris Stapleton
  • Clients & Community
  • Growing clients through Facebook groups
  • Be sure to check out guestio.com and start booking
  • Landon shares some of his backgrounds
  • Father as an insurance salesman going door to door
  • Got into affiliate marketing
  • Bypassing the college route
  • Chris shares some of his backgrounds
  • The process of dropping out of college
  • Struggling to see the money
  • Choosing the entrepreneurial path
  • Meeting Landon through mentorship with Mark Hoverson

[07:51 - 13:37] Watering the Seeds

  • Chris shares his experience in affiliate marketing
  • The first time making money
  • Staying consistent and patient
  • Landon talks about getting into the social space
  • The effects of the apprenticeship
  • Starting on the public space
  • Getting stuck and growing from a Mastermind
  • Chris talks about the value of mentorship
  • How can we/I fix this problem?
  • Who can we hire to fix this problem?
  • Reaching out for help when needed

[13:38 - 23:07] Going From $20,000 a Month to Almost a Million

  • Landon talks about how they scaled their Facebook group
  • The offers and client acquisition strategy
  • Building the Facebook group
  • How to provide content and conversion
  • Utilizing ads to drive the right people
  • Chris talks about reinventing the FB group
  • Communities and building cultures
  • The quintessence of groups
  • Revelations through a new study
  • A word from our sponsor

[23:08 - 38:04] How to Grow Your Facebook Group

  • Landon talks about strategies to generate growth
  • 80% from ads
  • Finding a way to advertise the FB group
  • The trifecta lead
  • The scalability
  • Chris breaks down the content aspect
  • The mistakes coaches make on content
  • 2 to 3 posts a week
  • The content is strategic
  • Handling objections before they come up
  • Promotion over creation
  • Landon follows up with conversion
  • The problem with selling in a group
  • Getting people to raise their hands
  • Super introduction questions
  • Talk to many, sell to one

[38:05 - 41:13] Closing Segment

  • The value of this content
  • Who you know, or What you know?
  • Chris talks about the ‘who’ teaching you the ‘what’
  • Landon talks about the value of who you know
  • How to reach out to Landon and Chris
  • Links below
  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes:

“I made my first official dollar online and from that point on the seed was planted, and I continued to water that seed, put sunshine on that seed, and now it’s sprouted into a forest…” - Chris Stapleton

“We really felt like communities and building cultures around a program is where the future’s headed. And we wanted to be ahead of that.” - Chris Stapleton

“We see the value, of course, in a group, but we also see the value in other communication platforms and being able to follow up with those leads elsewhere.” - Landon Stewart

Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Landon and Chris. Be sure to go and become part of the community yourself at https://www.facebook.com/groups/clientsandcommunity.

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