0201 | Tips for Thriving as an Empathetic Person


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Are you the type of person who can naturally and deeply feel the emotions of others around you? Do you find it easy to relate to other people’s emotions and anticipate how other people might be feeling in different situations? Do you naturally think about others and the impact of your behavior on their emotions?

If so, you’re likely a highly empathetic person, and this episode is for you!

You see, naturally having a high degree of empathy is an absolute super-power. You have insight into context and detail that other people miss. You’re also an incredible asset to others around you. They benefit from this super-power of yours because you’re so able to relate to them on a deep level.

However, many highly empathetic people can find themselves feeling flooded and overwhelmed. Burned out. Resentful when others aren’t as able to anticipate their feelings and relate on the same deep level.

In this episode, we’re talking about the 2 sides of empathy, with the hope that it helps you understand yourself a bit better.

We’ll also talk about some practical things you can do to help support yourself if you happen to be a highly empathetic person. In particular, self-care is even more important for you. Having a guilt-free, effective, tailored self-care program is an absolute necessity for you.

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