0199 | Using Emotional Intelligence to Set Compassionate Boundaries


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We all know that we need to set boundaries in our lives in order to protect our own time and energy, but wow can it be hard to do! Sometimes we feel selfish for cutting other people off and not allowing them the time, energy, and resources we know we just can’t provide.

However, as tough as it can be to set boundaries, it’s absolutely necessary.

In this episode of the podcast, we’re speaking with Carley Hauck. Carley is a learning architect, leadership development consultant, author, speaker, and serves as adjunct faculty at Stanford University and UC Berkeley Haas School of Business teaching on the subject of leadership and business as a platform for positive change in the world.

In this episode, Carley talks about:

  • The power of naming our emotions and how it can help us move through unpleasant emotions. “Name it to tame it”
  • Emotional intelligence & the fact that there are no unacceptable emotions
  • What compassionate boundaries are and how to set them
  • The role anger plays in setting a boundary

Finally, Carley gives a step-by-step way to approach setting compassionate boundaries to begin using them as a way to protect yourself, particularly in times that are as volatile and ever-changing as our current situation.

The bottom line, you are an asset to everyone in your life. And because of that, you need and deserve some protection. Setting intentional, compassionate boundaries is one key way to do just that.


Take part in Carley’s 2-part free workshop at https://carleyhauck.com/consciousleadershipworkshop/


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