The Role of Heat Pumps in Low-Moderate Income Homes with Jon Harrod


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The electrification of buildings is considered to be a primary strategy for reducing carbon emissions and kicking fossil fuels. Luckily, due to advancements in technology and carefully developed best practices, heat pumps may be a driving force in helping us to achieve our all-electric goals. But when do heat pumps make sense? As we know, there’s no one-size-fits-all application.

On this episode, Robb chats with Jon Harrod about the feasibility of heat pumps in low-moderate income homes. John shares some important factors to consider when evaluating heat pumps, such as construction type, geographic location, project financing, and more.

Episode Guest: Jon Harrod

Jon Harrod, Ph.D., is a contractor, author and electrification advocate. In 2006 he founded Snug Planet, an award-winning home performance company based in Ithaca NY. From its initial focus on energy audits and envelope improvements, Snug Planet has grown to offer whole-home solutions, including moisture management and HVAC upgrades. Snug Planet is an active participant in New York State residential programs serving low-income and market-rate customers. In early 2022, Snug Planet will be merging with Halco Energy, one of the largest home performance contractors in New York. Jon is certified by the Building Performance Institute as a Building Analyst, Envelope Professional, Heating Professional, and AC/Heat Pump Professional. Jon’s articles have appeared in Home Energy Magazine, Journal of Extension, Building Performance Journal; and ASHRAE Journal. He is a regular contributor to Green Building Advisor.

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