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The legal field is not for the faint of heart and so many lawyers and others in the field find themselves burnout very early on. The same can be said of Tracy LaLonde. Thankfully for her as soon as she realized living in that way was not for her, she was able to take a step back and start pursuing joy.

Stress really is the silent killer. Not only could she no longer live the life she’d built but her body was failing on her as well. The stress was literally killing her.

She then decided to take some time away from work and go on a joy journey. She consumed a ton of content and traveled the world for some time. Getting to experience the world and dig into what it was that truly fed her soul, saved her life.

Tracy has now written a book and is helping others to realize that it is 100% possible to be a high achiever AND live a joy-filled life. Listen as she shares her story, her journey, and what it looks like for her to live joyfully and successfully.

People talk about burnout as a destination, but I think burnout is actually a simmering pot that eventually boils over.” Tracy LaLonde

In this episode:

[01:18] Welcome to the show, Tracy!

[01:30] Tracy shares her background and story.

[02:16] Listen as Tracy discusses what burnout looked like in her life.

[05:38] Stress is the silent killer.

[06:07] Tracy shares what happened in 2016.

[08:31] She took a joy journey to heal and recover.

[11:53] Tracy speaks about what she encourages people to do.

[14:10] Her husband helped her in a support role, but she learned more about herself and consumed content.

[15:59] How her book came about.

[19:06] Tracy wants folks to know that it is 100% possible to achieve and be successful and have joy at the same time.

[20:07] Thank you so much for being on the show!

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