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Burnout can truly happen at any age. It is not just for those who have spent years slogging. In fact, it can happen sooner than you imagine for high achieving women. Mallory Rowan’s story very much encompasses this particular burnout story. Listen as she shares her background and how she’s moved out of and away from burnout.

When she was just 22, Mallory built a multi-six figure e-commerce business on a student budget that scaled insanely fast. They had the right product dialed into the right market and her business took off like gang busters.

But the pressure and time took its toll.

Soon she started experiencing hair loss and having rashes all over. When she was diagnosed with pneumonia however it all came flooding in. Her body had been trying to tell her that she was at a breaking point and once she realized it, she knew she had to make real change.

Listen as she shares how she started to alter her life and why she’s now passionate about helping entrepreneurs skip burnout entirely and build businesses that support their life and dreams.

People are just trying to be busy and don’t even realize it, whereas stepping back and actually doing less could be the thing that actually scales your business.” Mallory Rowan

In this episode:

[01:15] Welcome to the show, Mallory!

[01:21] Her story and what she does.

[03:09] The one tip that makes her most productive.

[04:07] Listen as Mallory discusses her journey to burnout.

[07:25] When her body told her enough was enough.

[10:56] Getting pneumonia made her slow down and pay more attention to her body.

[13:43] An Instagram post made her realize she might have a leaky gut.

[16:13] What contributed to healing going forward.

[20:28] How her business pivoted and the pressure to keep competing.

[23:48] Burnout is not a badge of honor.

[24:17] She took what she loved, which was marketing and helped people build businesses.

[26:14] Thank you for being on the show!

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