5: Engineering Her Dreams with Kara Festa


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Engineering is a field that is highly male dominated. Construction even more so. Kara Festa built her career as a brilliant engineer and project manager and then decided to move into consulting instead. It didn’t take long for her to realize that her dream life was not what she anticipated.

She had an amazing family, a vacation home, a business she loved, but something was just off about her life as a whole. She didn’t know how to get unstuck but she knew that she needed a change.

Fast-forward a few years and she enrolled in a coaching certification program. The goal was to elevate her leadership skills, but what she walked away with was so much more impactful.

Today she is known as a leader in her community and her work and she loves the career that she’s built. But it all started by confronting the “shoulds” in her life and realizing that there is no should in happiness.

Listen as she walks us through her story and what happened to her during her brush with burnout. She had definitely found the light on the other side and so can you!

“I had spent so much of my life just responding to what the demands were that were placed on me that I really didn’t know the answers to some simple questions like what do I want out of all of this.” Kara Festa In this episode:

[01:19] Welcome to the show, Kara!

[01:31] Learn about her engineering career.

[03:10] What shifted that made her ask what she wanted for herself.

[07:06] How she brings her complete self into what she does.

[09:45] Listen as Kara discusses using some coaching strategies to help with rising panic.

[11:26] Her definition of a badass.

[12:25] What she is doing in the coaching space.

[13:49] Thank you for being on the show!

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