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Have you ever played a sport? Did that sport take over your entire life? For Lauryn Williams, running took her farther than she ever thought possible. Track and Field took her to college and then from there to the Olympics. Listen as she shares her burnout story and why it was so completely tied to her identity.

Lauryn knew she wanted to go to college and track and field was her way to get there. She worked tirelessly to be the best on the track and in the classroom and her hard work paid off in a big way.

She soon found herself on the Olympic team and from there traveling the world as a sponsored runner. It was an amazing opportunity, but there was definitely a shelf life on her career. As she began to approach retirement, she found herself deep in an existential crisis.

If she wasn’t a track and field athlete, then who was she?

Listen as she shares more about her burnout story and how her time on the track led her to the career of her dreams. Lauryn is truly an inspiration and now she’s taking the finance world by storm. This is one story you won’t want to miss!

If I am not a track and field athlete, then who am I?” Lauryn Williams

In this episode:

[01:22] Welcome to the show, Lauryn!

[01:36] Lauryn shares her background and the greatness she puts in the world.

[04:45] When her burnout started and what it looked like for her.

[06:48] While Lauryn was getting too ready to retire, she met someone who suggested she train to race a bobsled.

[10:07] Lauryn's theme for this year is letting go of labels.

[12:29] When she started working with her body instead of against it, she saw more of a flow.

[15:20] Schedule time to exercise if it is important to you.

[16:07] What did she do once she retired.

[21:00] Being a caring, loving individual is enough.

[25:18] If you can get into a good mastermind, they are the most nourishing and advancing resource, period.

[26:54] Lauryn shares what she does as a financial planner and her business model.

[30:20] You need to remind yourself that the struggle isn’t wrong.

[31:10] Different doesn’t mean wrong.

[31:19] Thank you for being on the show!

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