Zoom University is in session: decoding higher ed’s online future


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Most years, this time in August is a boom for Target’s dorm décor section and purveyors of shower caddies and anyone selling that John Belushi Animal House poster. But 2020 isn’t like most years.

This year, higher education across the country will take place online, as COVID-19 has laughed in the face of the traditional residential college model. For anyone hoping to win back the beer pong championship belt, that’s devastating. For everyone else...it isn’t.

Moving to online, tech-forward education for the masses could be a net good for students—it makes degrees more flexible, more specialized, and more accessible, according to today’s guest: Dan Rosensweig, the president and CEO of Chegg.

But Dan thinks making higher education truly work for all means doing more than just sticking with online learning post-coronavirus. College degrees remain a fast-track ticket to upward mobility—in order to meet the needs of all who want them, we need a total reset of the industry.

But how do you reset an industry worth $700 billion a year in the U.S. alone? It won’t be easy. And not all institutions will survive.

Listen now to hear how we move forward.

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