Episode #1-The (Almost) Guaranteed Way Of Increasing Your Wholesale FBA Sales Month After Month- Jason ONeil-E-Com Solutions


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After selling on Amazon for 7 years, there are a few key “income-producing activities” that if done consistently, will almost certainly help your sales increase month after month.
1. Sourcing New Products
2. Replenishing Your Winning Products and Cutting Your Losing Products
The key to this is knowing your numbers.
If your winning products product 5k in profit over time, while your losing products lose $100, you can win only 1 out of 50 times and still break even.
That’s the beauty of wholesale FBA because you can easily get good enough to win 70% of the time and consistently grow your revenues.
Master these two skills, and you will become a consistent producer and your store sales will grow over time.
About Jason O’Neil
Jason O’Neil – E-Com Solutions is an E-Commerce entrepreneur who practices what he preaches. He runs several successful Amazon stores, has created software that helps Amazon sellers, and works closely with suppliers to help bring more products to market to help his partners leverage the opportunity of building a successful e-commerce business even if they don’t have the same type of infrastructure in place. To get more information on how you can partner with Jason go to https://go.ecomsolutions.io/seets-registration
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