From 'you'll never work again' to her own business despite finance roadblock – Sarah Beaumont Inspires


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Sarah Beaumont had held high-level management roles and worked all over the world. But when a chronic condition left her in constant pain she was told she'd never work again. Now she's launched and runs her own business helping other people, and tells her story in today's episode.
Diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos syndrome and Fibromyalgia – both long term chronic illnesses – Sarah became bed-bound, saying "there were times I would crawl on my hands and knees just to get to the bathroom.”
Heartbreakingly, Sarah then went through a difficult divorce and says she "gained a huge amount of weight because I was so sedentary and I couldn’t cook healthy, fresh meals so I ate a lot of junk. I lost my career and I lost my life before illness, I grieved for them for a long time.”
But told she would never work again, Sarah could not accept that as her future: “I’m not a quitter and very slowly I have rebuilt my life, one piece at a time. I have lost 100 lbs in weight and I went back to work as a weight loss consultant.”
Having fought and won her battle with her chronic illness and weight loss, Sarah felt empowered to use her own experiences to help others. She dreamed of launching her own business to encourage and support people, both with weight loss and in living with a chronic illness. And despite a roadblock on the way, which Sarah explains in this interview, she's done just that.
Also in the show today: funding opportunities and events for businesses and social enterprise.

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