#31: Koula Callahan—How to Conduct a Great Exit Interview


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When one of your team members decides to leave your company, even for the best reasons, it is crucial to conduct a great exit interview. Without one you are missing an opportunity to collect valuable feedback for improving how you hire and retain top talent.

Today Don, J.J. and Koula discuss exactly what’s needed in an effective exit interview and provide a list of strategic questions to capture honest feedback while also positioning your team member to leave with a great sense of closure.

Sadly, today’s conversation also acts an exit interview for our co-host Koula Callahan. Koula is truly a foundational pillar at Business Made Simple and is off to new and fantastic opportunities! But before she leaves, we are extremely grateful she has allowed this personal conversation to air on the podcast, giving you an inside look at how to craft and conduct a great exit interview.


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