Bonus: 5 Firm Owner Success Case Studies


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This is a Business of Architecture Bonus Episode.

Hello, and welcome back architect Nation. I’m Enoch Sears and this is the show where you'll discover tips, strategies and secrets for building an architecture practice that lets you do your best work, more often.

Architects and related professionals design our world ...

They make it safe, beautiful and sustainable.

Yet for many, it feels like an uphill battle, and few get the recognition or credit they deserve for their creative work.

Many firm owners become underpaid, glorified administrators, eeking out a living working on projects below their capabilities.

What we’ve found is that architectural ability is just half of the equation, the other half is everything else involved in running a successful practice.

This is because schools don't teach architects how to run a practice.

As a result, society loses out on the creative genius of these professionals who are busy managing cash flow and putting out fires instead of doing their best work.

On this episode, you’ll discover the case studies of 5 practice owners who have structured their practices for creative freedom, fulfillment, and financial reward with the SMART Practice Method.

Business of Architecture has developed and refined the SMART Practice Method over the past decade working with 100+ architecture and design practices.

Recently, we celebrated the graduation of 32 firm owners in our SMART Practice program.

On this episode, you’ll hear 5 of their stories.

And the exciting part is that I want you, podcast faithful listener, to listen to each of these stories, and then cast your vote for which of these 5 practice owners should win the 2021 Business of Architecture Transformation Award.

Listen carefully, and take note on which stories resonate with you, which stories move you.

You need to cast your vote by this Thursday, April 29, 2021. Vote by going to

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