098: Leadership in an Architecture Business with Sue Austin


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This week I spoke with Sue Austin of Sue Austin Consulting about leadership in an architecture practice and how practice leaders can be planning for re-emergence as lockdown lifts.

Sue is has experience of everything from global organisations like Mars and PepsiCo to small-scale businesses going through rapid and disruptive growth curves.

Originally Sue obtained a degree in engineering and then cultivated a long career working across operations and supply chains.

In this podcast Sue discusses what is leadership, what are the common challenges leaders of architecture businesses face and how they can overcome them as well as dispelling some of the mythology around leadership such as whether great leaders are born or can you learn to lead.

In this episode you will learn:

- How to plan for re-emergence out of lockdown

- The importance of innovating and experimenting

- PLAN - DO - CHECK - ACT the 4 Step formula for commercial leadership


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